A few years ago, I put up the site www.nikosperakis.gr just to have an alternative e-mail address whenever my provider, OTEnet, crashes. Later, I gathered here all the material from the expired websites of my recent movies, before the unpaid servers removed them. While waiting for the economic recovery, I decided to begin digitizing what material could be salvaged from work I have done, before they were destroyed by dust and humidity in underground storage. After scanning items I considered most characteristic of their period, I proposed to Danae, who had designed the sites for SIRENS and ARTHERAPY, to choose the most interesting and organize them on this site. On the way I realized that materials with no information had no interest so I started writing captions and comments. Danae insisted that a "serious" site must be at least bilingual, so I secured work for the next two years. If I manage to finish the subsequent chapters, I may be accused of uploading what will be perhaps the first online illustrated memoirs.