Eleftheria Arvanitaki had sung Nikos Mamangakis's songs for ARPA COLLA in '82, so I was very pleased with her proposal. It would be the first and last music video I shot on assignment for a record company, with a crew recruited for this purpose, a budget and a production company for the execution. But the main reason it became my last must have been that, in contrast to the rule of many alternating shots and fast editing that prevailed as style of the music videos, I made the mistake of shooting it in a single shot and without any editing. As if that weren't enough, the singer and musicians sat on a rotating stage and only Eleftheria changed her seat to catch the next verse. After my rejection by the music industry I continued of course to shoot my own clips with hundreds of shots and cuts as musical movie trailers for my movies, which somehow had to be advertised. That is why Eleftheria did me the favour of singing "on screen" in the music trailer for FEMALE COMPANY.